The Wildflower
"Natures Alternative"

The Wild Flower "Nature's Alternative" is a health and wellness company dedicated to empowering people of all ages and lifestyles, to live a life free from dis-ease and pain.  

Are You Listening to Your Body?

"The symptom is not the disease" 

This is one of the very first concepts I learned when exploring the world of natural healing.  Stop chasing symptoms and empower your body to regain its natural state of balance.  

 I work closely with my clients to to identify and address the "root cause" and provide the education and tools needed for optimum healing. 


 Area's of Expertise Include: 

Digestive Health
Cleansing & Detoxification
Stress and Anxiety Issues
Allergies, Sinus & Respiratory Issues
Energy & Fatigue Problems 
Hormone Balancing
 Joint Pain and Muscle Fatigue
pH Balancing

Be sure to check out my story on the About Us page and see how I eliminated many of these symptoms and recovered my own health!

Amira Watters C.H., C.I.
Master of Holistic Healling

The Wild Flower
"Nature's Alternative"
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Have a Happy Healthy Day!